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Poster: Chris Mank Date: Aug 31, 2017 12:25pm
Forum: news Subject: Art and Cake - Katie Herzog, Rubbing the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non profit digital library based in San Francisco whose mission it is to provide free public access to digitized materials, bringing “universal access to all knowledge.” Founded by Brewster Kahle in 1996 with the purpose of archiving and preserving the World Wide Web, it now has copies of over 279 billion web pages (around 17.2 billion megabytes of data). Kahle also created the Wayback Machine—an online tool that captures every website made since 1996 in the form in which it was created. The Wayback Machine is often used to retrieve lost information on web pages that no longer exist. The Archive oversees numerous digitization projects including Grateful Dead concerts and the collections from myriad American libraries. Since 2009 the Archives have been housed in a former Christian Science Church in San Francisco. The relationship between the virtual space of the internet and the physical presence of the building makes for a curious irony. This juxtaposition fascinated Los Angeles based artist Katie Herzog.

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